We Believe The Old South Will Fall

As we forge a New South that is about all of us, what do we want to see? Spaces that honor folks that we lost in this process. Folks whose names we don’t know but use passcodes. Who had to meet up in juke joints or barns or back rooms. Had to connect in any […]

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SONG Power equips justice-loving Southerners with another toolbox to bring about liberation in our lifetime. SONG Power will allow us to push SONG’s policy demands further, drastically expand SONG’s membership, and contend directly for power across the South – and will be free to call out targets, and allies, by name. In 2020 we plan to escalate the fights to #EndMoneyBail and #MeltICE and organize to build political power in Georgia and South Carolina. #FreefromFear #SONGPower